Do Great Work and Drive Results

Career advice from Laura Miller during Cats in the Corner Office

Angelina Elias
Laura Miller in Cats in the Corner Office


For our Cats in the Corner Office series, we sat down with UA alumna and head of small business at Chase Commerce Solutions, Laura Miller ’94, to talk about her career journey, the finance industry and the lessons she learned on her way to the corner office.

Miller is president of the small business card Ink and leads the small business segment of Chase, where she oversees the development and execution of merchant acquisition and has responsibility for product, sales, channel and account management. Miller joined Chase in 2009 after an 11-year career with American Express. She’s been in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years and has become known for her leadership and advocacy for small businesses.

Do great work and drive results.

Miller explained that her career success didn’t happen overnight. She didn’t always know that she wanted to be a president at Chase. But after college at the University of Arizona, she did know that no matter what career path she took, Miller wanted to do three things:

1.    Do great work.
2.    Deliver fantastic results.
3.    Learn something new.

Throughout her career path from the retail sector to running call centers and sales teams, to where he is now, Miller found that doing great things, driving results and wanting to learn made people notice, tap her on the shoulder and ask her to work with them.

Always be learning and building relationships.

Miller recalls that over the years in her career path, she took every opportunity to learn a new aspect of business and observed great leaders in different environments.

Miller realized that whatever she did, she wanted it to be about people – she wanted to lead people, be close to the customer and build partnerships across different lines of business. 

“Do a great job, deliver results, build relationships along the way and make sure you’re learning something you can put in your toolkit to be successful at your next job,” she says.


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