In the depths of the earth there is a web of tunnels where human industry uncovers the most basic elements. In chasms, they find minerals and metals from copper and iron to zinc and aluminum. 

The passages remain a mystery to most of us. But not to students at the University of Arizona. 

I am descending into the dusty depths of the University’s San Xavier Mining Laboratory.  On the ladder below me is Chris Zanin, a sophomore in the Department of Mining and Geological Engineering.  

Why does Old Main touch so many hearts?

Whether our memories are of a cool resting place or a romantic spot for engagements, Old Main draws our affection and tugs at our heart strings. To generations of Arizona alumni, its traditional red bricks tell the tale of Wildcat legacy and spirit. 

Now, sounds of pounding hammers and the unfurling of architectural blueprints fill its usually quiet halls. Something big is brewing.


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