Dr. Robert C. Robbins considers himself a lifelong learner, and in his first few months as president of the University of Arizona, he’s been learning a lot about the state’s land-grant university.

The world’s population — already close to 8 billion — is expected to surpass 11 billion by the end of the century. How can we scale food, water and energy systems to sustain the generations to come during a time of rapid climate change?

Jonathan Rothbart ’94 spends his days in a movie dreamworld filled with fearsome giants, planet-hopping spacecraft and super-powered heroes. It’s a place where buildings vanish with the click of a mouse, real penguins hobnob alongside their computer-generated kin and the laws of gravity don’t always apply.

In response to interest from students, Assistant Professor and Technical Director Ted Kraus last year made the UA one of a handful of theater programs in the nation to teach automation
design using the Tait Navigator software system.


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