When donors Alan ’74 and Janice Levin met Dr. Clara Curiel and learned about the UA associate professor of dermatology’s work studying and treating skin cancer, they were moved to endow a chair for excellence in cancer research.

“Alan was so impressed with her and what she was doing at the UA Cancer Center, and I felt the same,” Janice Levin says. “We hope the endowment makes a difference in finding a cure or treatment for skin cancer.”  

“You can do it wrong; that’s been demonstrated,” says George Ruyle. He is referring to ranching, an enterprise that has evolved over generations in Arizona.

After the Civil War, ranchers who left Texas because of depleted pastures soon encountered the same problem in the Arizona Territory. Overgrazing permanently changed the landscape, and when an extended drought struck the denuded rangelands in the late 1800s, half to 75 percent of the state’s cattle were lost.

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