Mark Nupen '66 Remembers Life at Cochise Hall

I stayed all four years at Cochise Hall. Ma Herrick was in charge. What a fabulous experience. Many of us stayed all four years and I can't tell you how many were quite interesting, smart and from all parts of the country.

We shared our lives, our study habits, our ambition. Even the short Navajo kid with the leg brace who coached a basketball team of Native American friends that beat most of the city teams. Story after story still rattles around to this day and I was quite fortunate to have those experiences plus a very great faculty for my chemistry B.A. degree.

Ma Herrick, the old widow with her gravelly voice who replaced her husband as dorm "Boss" when he died, was strict but caring and always with the cigarette holder! Ha! 

Thanks, UA! Cochise Hall, what a great place. Best place on campus by far. Yes, there was no airconditioning in the building but it had tall ceilings, large four-man sleeping porches, and a great entry area with the long cascading steps in front. Did not need to go far to hang out!