Lisa '07 and Calder '08

Though Lisa and Calder are both Arizona bred and even shared a few friends, it took a trip across the world for the two of them to come together.

During Lisa's senior year and Calder's junior year, they each hopped on a plane to embark on their greatest adventure. The study abroad program through the University of Arizona took them to Orvieto, Italy for a semester. During the welcome dinner, Calder and Lisa sat next to each other and (with the help of some vino) the conversation began.

Let's just say the rest is history. None of it would have been possible if not for U of A and the study abroad programs they offer. The two are now married and reside in Los Angeles where he works for the L.A. Lakers in public relations and she works for Marriott in events.

- Lisa Gernak Hynes '07 and Calder Hynes '08