Dan Nathan '67 Relishes UA Memories

I came from Brooklyn and lived in Apache Hall all four years. I earned a B.S. in chemistry and actually used my degree. I worked  38-plus years as a criminalist for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in the crime lab. 

I loved my years at the UA and it still has a place in my heart 50 years later. It was four of the best years of my life. I had so many good memories. Just to name a few: throwing snowballs one day after a brief snowfall, going skiing on Mount Lemmon, enjoying the warm weather of Tucson, making some great friends, eating a steak at Pinnacle Peak's, working into the night in chem lab as an upperclassman, attending basketball games at the Old Bear Down Gym (capacity of about 2,500), meeting students from all over the world, enjoying a burger at Louie's Lower Level after library time. 

I am proud to say that I am a Wildcat.